Verdee Bamboo NATURE Strand Woven Flooring | Carbonized

Density : 1.15g/cm3 – 1.25g/cm3
Hardness (Janka Rating) :
Dimensions :

Standard (Tongue&Groove) 
(L) 920mm X (W) 130mm X (T) 14mm 
(L) 1830mm X (W) 130mm X (T) 14mm
Easylock (UNICLIC) 
(L) 920mm X (W) 130mm X (T) 14mm
(L) 1830mm X (W) 130mm X (T) 14mm

Structure: Strand Woven Solid

Impact : 114.7kg/cm3 
Water Absorption-Expansion Ratio : 0.8% 
Moisture Content : 8-12% 
Formaldehyde Emission : < E1, 0.02 ppm (Below recommended World Health Organization levels ) 
Finishes : Matt and Semi Gloss 
Coatings : 6 coats of premium Klumpp coatings 
Flame Resistance : EN ISO 9239-1, GB 8624 B1 level 
Accessories : Full ISO certification